The characteristics and uses of glass fiber fireproof cloth

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2020-08-14 12:01




  Glass fiber fireproof cloth is mainly made of fire-resistant glass fiber cloth with special technology treatment.

  Second, the main features:

  1. Glass fiber fireproof cloth is non-combustible, high temperature resistant (550-1100), compact, non-irritating, soft and tough texture, easy to wrap objects and equipment with uneven surface.




2. Fiberglass fireproof cloth can protect objects from hot spots and sparking areas, and completely prevent or isolate combustion.

  Three, product use:

  1. Fiberglass fireproof cloth is suitable for welding and other occasions where sparks are likely to cause fire. It can resist sparks, slag, welding spatter, etc. It can isolate the workplace, isolate the working layer and eliminate the fire hazard that may be caused by welding operation.

  2. Fiberglass fireproof cloth is light to use, while establishing a safe and clean work space.

  3. The ideal protection tool for large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public entertainment places when starting fire operations, welding, cutting and other key public safety fire safety units; The use of glass fiber fireproof cloth can directly reduce spark splashes, isolate and block flammable and explosive hazardous materials to ensure the integrity of personal life and property.

  4. Glass fiber fireproof cloth is widely used in shipbuilding industry for ship frame structure and repair, also can be used for heat insulation and welding of metal structures in petrochemical enterprises, showing good protective adaptability.

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