Our company held a team cohesion meeting after the Spring Festival.

Published on:

2020-07-29 09:59

Recently, under the leadership of Mr. Huang Jinge, the company organized all the employees of the company to hold an activity with the theme of "Taishan plastic painting to create high-performance team cohesion". Under the guidance of Mr. Huang, Chairman Zhang Yanying, as well as shareholders and leadership groups, all the staff learned to understand the importance of the team, and they were divided into four small teams and worked out the team name and slogan. 
The team cohesion proposed by Mr. Huang makes Taishan plastic painting more United, helpful and enterprising to each other in the new year. 
To report a few small activities as the goal, guide everyone to increase the cohesion of the team, so that the four teams are more dynamic. 
Finally, comment on the rankings and award prizes. 
Mount Tai plastic painting courageously climb the peak, establish a more perfect system, and create a broader display stage for everyone.

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