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Feicheng Taishan Plastic Coated Canves Co.,LTD formerly known as Feicheng tarpaulin factory (founded in 1990), is now a joint-stock enterprise. 
It is a technical cooperation unit of China Academy of Railway Sciences and a high-tech enterprise in Tai'an City. 
The company covers an area of 30000 square meters, with two PVC plastic cloth production lines, one PVC mesh cloth production line, one PE waterproof cloth production line, two large tarp processing lines and more than 60 small processing equipment, with total assets of more than 60 million yuan, complete production equipment and advanced technology. 
The main products are: 
One: PVC plastic-coated flame-retardant waterproof cloth: fabrics are mainly 2x1, 2x2, 3x3, 500D, 840D, 1000D high-strength knife scraper, fiberglass cloth and so on, gram weight 400~700g/ cloth, various colors. 
This product is waterproof, fireproof, mildew-proof, economical and durable, and all indicators meet the standard requirements of GB/T16741-1997 and TB1941-87 "Technical conditions for supply of Chemical Fiber coated tarpaulin for Railway Freight cars". It is widely used in railway transport, cars, granaries, freight yards and other tarpaulins, chicken cage manure removal conveyor belts in the breeding industry, and perennial production of tarpaulins for Qingdao Port, Yantai Port, Rizhao Port and other major ports. 
Second: PVC clip mesh cloth: the fabrics mainly include 200D, 300D, 500D, 1000D warp knitted mesh cloth and 250D, 500D, 840D, 1000D woven clip mesh cloth, etc., with a weight of 240g / kg and a variety of colors. 
This product is beautiful and easy to clean, waterproof and fireproof. It is widely used in making light box advertisements, awnings, cargo yards, granaries and other covers, jumpers, tents and other leisure products. 
Specializing in the production of Japanese construction safety protection products, mainly anti-inflammatory cloth, sound-proof cloth, anti-inflammatory net, secret mesh, car cloth and so on, high quality and low price, well received by customers. 
Third: coal mine air duct coating: coal mine positive pressure air tube, glass fiber air tube cloth, its indicators are in line with the MT383-1995 "technical conditions for coal mine air duct", won the national coal mine dustproof ventilation safety product quality supervision and inspection center qualification certificate. 
Four: PE waterproof cloth: weight 50-220g/ cloth, width 2m, various colors. 
This product has the advantages of light weight, durability, tear resistance and good waterproof performance. it is widely used in automobile cover, granary, yard cover, all kinds of packaging industry, tourism and leisure industry, such as waterproof tarpaulin, water conveyor belt, equipment packing cover, garbage bag, camping mat, exhibition awning and so on. 
Five: all kinds of tents: there are disaster relief tents (perennial cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs), civilian tents, workshop tents, leisure tents and so on. 
Six: other products: cotton canvas (mainly made of 4x6, 5x6, 8x8, 10x10, etc.), cotton canvas tarpaulins and tents, canvas mats, thermal insulation quilts, silicone cold door curtains, various container bags and other products, meeting the requirements of various industries for tarpaulin, packaging, safety protection, home leisure and so on. 
Products have been sold all over the country, and exported to Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, the United States and other Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries, well received by customers. 
Companies adhering to the "customer first, quality first, integrity first, service first" policy, adhere to people-oriented, reputation first, scientific management, excellence, rely on high-quality management team, strive to create the "Taishan" brand. 
Our company is willing to join hands with colleagues in the industry to create a better future!

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