Snow clearing activities of the united and friendly family

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2024-02-23 10:18

Winter is the best time to plow snow, the company in order to create a clean and comfortable office environment for everyone, specially organized the snow activities of all employees.
In this cold winter, snowflakes are pouring in, in order not to let the roads and gardens snow, Taishan Plasters employees came to work early, brandishing shovels and shovels, not letting go of any corner. They sweat hard and build a solid defense line with their hard work.
Unity and friendship is the warmest theme of this winter. In the process of snow clearing, the employees remind each other, help each other, tacit cooperation, and jointly complete the snow clearing task. Everyone said that through this activity, more deeply feel the strength of the team, but also cherish the friendship between each other.
There is no winter that is insurmountable, no difficulty that cannot be overcome. As long as we are closely united in the big family of Taishan coating plastic, go forward, there is no difficulty that can not be overcome. Let us work hard for Taishan to paint a better tomorrow, sweep away the haze in my heart, and meet a better tomorrow!

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