How about the rainproof performance of rain tarp

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2020-08-10 12:02

  Previously we introduced the difference between rainproof tarpaulin and Oxford tarpaulin, and below we introduce the rainproof performance of rainproof tarpaulin, which I believe everyone has some understanding of. Recently, some people realize why rainproof fabric is rainproof. This is a very interesting question. Here, Feicheng Taishan Coated Canvas Co., Ltd. will answer your doubts.

  Rainproof tarp manufacturing (ordinary cotton cloth treated with water repellent). Waterproofing agent is a paraffin wax emulsion containing aluminum salts. After emulsification, the paraffin wax becomes fine particles and is evenly distributed on the cotton fiber. Paraffin wax is not compatible with water. When water meets paraffin wax, it forms oval droplets that roll over the paraffin wax. The rainproof tarp, as you can see, is the paraffin wax that plays a role in stopping rainfall. In physics, this impermeable phenomenon is called "non-permeable". Once water meets ordinary cotton, it penetrates through the capillaries between the fibers, which is called the "permeability phenomenon".

  Double-sided rainproof tarp, single folded edge heat seal at all four corners; rope along the edge to play a fixed role, covering recreational vehicles, trucks, boats, construction sites, firewood, trucks, trailers, equipment, ground, emergency rescue, paint, etc. This product is waterproof, cold-proof, sun-proof, anti-aging, UV-resistant, durable, pressure-resistant, folding-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and light weight.

  There is another kind of rainproof tarp called waterproof Oxford cloth. Waterproof Oxford cloth is a kind of Oxford cloth with waterproof technology added in the finishing to achieve waterproof effect. It is because of the waterproof effect of Oxford cloth that it is also used in outdoor sports fabrics (shoulder bags, clothes bags or trolley bags, simple tents, etc.). As well as professional tent fabrics in extreme environments (such as high mountains, plateaus and snowy mountains).


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