Plastic coated tarpaulin characteristics

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2020-08-04 10:54

  Plastic-coated tarps provide high-quality protection from rain and also resist all acidic liquids that can harm the tarp and its contents. The plastic-coated tarp can still be used in cold weather during the winter. It is also easy to use and install, as it is easily secured with rope because of the rope loops at the edges. The fiberglass base fabric is treated with a special fireproof technology. The performance fireproof temperature is 800 degrees. Non-apparel materials are used for industrial fireproof insulation, decorative fireproof, fireproof splash guard, outdoor fireproof tent, etc. High silica cloth shows that high silica cloth is a soft, heat-resistant high silica fabric.

  It effectively extends the service life of plastic coated tarp. Please try your best to handle corrosive materials. After using the tarpaulin, you can properly clean the spoil on the waterproof tarp. After using plastic coated tarpaulin, the storage environment can choose a colder indoor place. Try not to be pressed by heavy objects, the tarpaulin can be placed in the corner of the warehouse. Mastering the above methods related to tarp maintenance and storage precautions will be very helpful for future operations with tarpaulins. Common problems and solutions in the use of tarpaulins.



  Check its rainproof function with water. When choosing a plastic coated tarp, users should also pay attention to the material of the tarp to see if it is rich in harmful substances, emits gases or damages health. Secondly, if buying tarpaulins in large quantities, consumers can conduct field surveys at factories and then compare the quality and price. Finally, they cannot ignore its fundamental role when choosing a plastic coated tarp. When choosing a good tarp, we should pay attention to many issues. For choosing a high quality tarpaulin, it is more important to choose a good tarpaulin factory.

  First of all, it causes the loss of goods, the consumption of plastic coated tarpaulin factory is zero, so the goods are easily blown away by the wind and wet by the rain, which leads to the loss of goods and increases the insurance compensation. In addition, the loss of tarpaulins provides opportunities for cargo thieves. In addition, road transportation safety is threatened by the scattering of trucks' plastic-coated tarps on the road, which can easily lead to accidents such as scraping railroad operating equipment and injuring pedestrians. After that, the tarpaulin is scattered to a certain extent, which will also damage the image of the road and, more importantly, increase the trouble for shippers to choose other modes of transportation. Anyone who has used plastic coated tarps knows that many tarpaulin people have a strange smell, and the strange smell of tarpaulins irritates the nose and eyes, so people inevitably have questions like. Are these odors harmful to people?

  Quality tarpaulins are made of polypropylene as the main raw material, and its performance has been greatly developed. We need to choose such products for application. Winter climate is lower, when choosing plastic coated tarpaulin, low temperature resistance should be chosen to prevent the tarpaulin from being damaged by ultra-low temperature embrittlement. The temperature is getting colder and colder. People think keeping warm is a daily task that everyone is required to do. Buying clothes, pants and boots for yourself to keep warm is something that many people have already done. In addition, related equipment and other goods also require a certain amount of warmth maintenance. Use plastic coated tarps to warm our vehicles or equipment.

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