Taishan Coated Plastics is determined to build a high-quality sales team

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2019-03-25 11:33

   Taishan coating plastic in March 25, 2019 to carry out sales development of the method summary meeting, the meeting everyone in the Chinese enterprise power Shi Weiqiang teacher led, the organization launched if find quality demand for a variety of tarpaulin customers learning course, through a variety of websites, apps, search engines, billboards and Alibaba various ways, systematically explained a variety of ways means to increase find about the demand for tarpaulin, Mr. Shi led the sales department in actively exploring various effective means of finding customers who need tarpaulins, abrasion-resistant tarpaulins, in line with the company's current situation and form.
   Under the leadership of the general manager, the company conducts monthly sales tarpaulin summary meetings, actively discusses the needs of various tarpaulins and customer changes in line with the current form of the company, and effectively conforms to the form of society to carry out changes in products and customer needs. The technical department grasps the test research of new tarpaulins and wearable tarpaulin products, conducts market research and investigation, and reforms the research of tarpaulins and wearable tarpaulin products that meet the new products of market changes.

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