The company held a training speech on "7S" management rules

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2019-01-24 16:23

Recently, the leaders of our company, led by Mr. Huang, organised a speech contest on 7s management rules for the whole company staff, which was enthusiastically attended and the atmosphere was hot.

The 7s management contents advocated by Mr. Huang are

7S (tidy, tidy, clean, cleanliness, literacy, safety, saving) management approach to ensure an elegant production and office environment, good working order and strict work discipline, but also to improve efficiency, production of high quality, precision products, reduce waste, save material costs and time costs of the basic requirements.

We all spoke vividly about the role of 7s and the improvements it has brought to us, in response to the topic "Saving starts with self".

1. improved and enhanced the imagination of our company and increased the efficiency of tarpaulin production

2. reduce the breakdown in production, guarantee the quality and ensure the safety production of our company.

3. reduce the cost of tarpaulin production, greatly improve the spirit of the staff, is the organisation more dynamic.

4. shorten the tarpaulin operation cycle and ensure the delivery time.

Through the company's senior management and staff through this 7s management mobilization meeting, the whole company is full of enthusiasm to put into the future of tarpaulin production work, the 7s management regulations are refined to the hearts of everyone in the company, starting from small things, from the little things to improve production efficiency, making the company more development and growth up.

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