Instructions for daily use and maintenance of conveyor belts

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2021-01-25 15:08

  Conveyor belt is widely used in the transportation of industrial materials, etc., the conveyor belt in the daily use also need to master certain methods. Only do a good job of daily maintenance, the service life of the conveyor belt will be longer, but also to play a greater role, so, in the end, what aspects of the conveyor belt in daily use need to pay attention to? Here, let's take a look at it!

  1, conveyor belt whether in the transport process and stop process, should be kept clean, to be cleaned regularly, in addition, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow drenching, to prevent contact with acid and alkali oil organic solvents and other materials, and to be away from the heat of the device at least a distance of one meter.

  2, the type of conveyor belt, construction, the number of layers should be based on the instructions for use. Choose according to the actual situation, so as to be able to better use.

  3, different types, specifications of the number of layers of conveyor belts can not be used together. The joints should be glued together.

  4, conveyor belt running speed should not be less than 2.5 m / s. Some viscous materials should be discharged by a device with strong fixing force and take low speed.

  5、The material receiving section of the conveyor should shorten the distance between the rollers and take the buffer device, in order to prevent material leakage, the belt side should take a more flexible baffle plate. In order to avoid the baffle plate is too hard, scratch the belt surface of the conveyor belt, choose the appropriate feeding position, in order to reduce the impact of the material landing on the tape should be taken chute, reduce the material landing interval.

  6, the diameter of the conveyor's transmission drum and the conveyor belt, transmission drum, reversing drum and the requirements of the slot angle should be based on the conveyor design for planning, must be reasonable.

  7、When the conveyor belt falls off, it must be installed in time to prevent the conveyor belt from working under problematic conditions, it is strictly forbidden to smash the goods directly on the conveyor belt at high places, the goods placed on the conveyor belt must be smooth, not to be placed obliquely or horizontally, it is strictly forbidden to use overload, check carefully whether the conveyor belt is running off and other abnormal phenomena in use, and adjust the maintenance in time when abnormal phenomena such as running off are found.


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