Structure and Application of Conveyor Belt

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2021-01-11 10:33

  Conveyor belt is the carrying medium of the conveyor system, which is one of the more widely used conveyor systems nowadays, and is powered by one or more pulleys, so that the belt and the materials on the belt are carried forward along the system. So the conveyor belt is composed of those structures? Conveyor belt is normally composed of one or more layers of materials, according to the material situation and the transport environment of different thicknesses of different patterns of different conveyor belts, general tension is supplied by industrial polyester cloth, and has lateral stability, coating by PVC / PU / PE / SIR and other materials to ensure the stability of the conveyor belt and mechanical function, suitable for more application scenarios. Nowadays, the industrial production, the increase of labor cost, the trek of production power and some new technologies and harsh application scenarios of the use of conveyor systems are more and more, conveyor belt machinery is a common power transmission equipment, because of its wide range of uses and low cost together with the transfer of various shapes of materials, regardless of size, light and heavy, turning can be ended and widely used.

  The difference between light conveyor belt and heavy conveyor belt, the following we analyze their differences by 3 aspects.

  Difference in thickness of conveyor belt: light conveyor belt thickness is generally between 0.6-5mm; heavy conveyor belt thickness is generally between 8-20mm; difference in coating material of conveyor belt: light conveyor belt coating material is mainly thermoplastic material such as PVC, TPU, PE, TPEE, etc., and a few parts are mainly thermosetting material such as silicone, natural rubber, etc.; heavy conveyor belt coating material is mainly natural rubber, nitrile, nitrile, natural rubber, etc. Heavy-duty conveyor belt coating materials are mainly natural rubber, nitrile, neoprene, butadiene and other rubber.

  Conveyor belt in the skeleton material above the difference: light conveyor belt skeleton material to polyester (PET), nylon (NN, PA), cotton spinning cloth; heavy conveyor belt skeleton to cotton spinning cloth, nylon, steel wire rope core, due to the above structure material, thickness and other differences, so that the light conveyor belt and heavy conveyor belt has a very large strength, mechanical function, chemical function and other aspects of the difference. Therefore, their primary uses are also very different. Light conveyor belts are mainly used in food, beverage, chemical, printing, wood, textile, packaging, ceramic stone, electronics, surface, and tobacco and other customary work of the material transportation system.


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