Conveyor maintenance method

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2020-12-10 10:31

  Conveyor belt is a very important part of the conveyor machine, the quality of the conveyor belt directly affects the production speed and quality of business products, poor quality conveyor belt may even cause serious safety accidents, so high-quality rubber conveyor belt in the entire conveyor system is crucial.

  Conveyor belt is widely used in food, electronics, logistics, building materials, chemical industry, coking, metallurgy, steel and other industries where the transmission distance is short and the transmission volume is small.

  China is a large resource country, the domestic conveyor belt manufacturers are countless, the quality of the conveyor belt on the market varies, a little carelessness is easy to buy low-quality conveyor belt, thus causing serious losses to their own manufacturers. Therefore, the following to tell you how to identify the good and bad rubber conveyor: 1:

  1, check the rubber surface of the conveyor belt situation. Good conveyor belt rubber surface smooth and neat, no dry scars, bubbles, guttering and other phenomena.

  2、Press the rubber surface with your finger or lightly pinch the rubber surface with your fingernail. The conveyor belt with low glue content can not easily recover the flat surface or not. The conveyor belt with high glue content will not be pinched off or broken by the finger, and the traces or pinch marks pressed by the finger will be quickly restored.

  3, smell the smell of the conveyor belt. High rubber content of the conveyor belt does not have a strong irritating smell, the taste is relatively light, containing more recycled rubber conveyor belt has a strong irritating smell.

  4, see the belt core. High-quality rubber conveyor belt core layering consistent, the thickness of the sticker rubber uniform. Poor quality conveyor belts will appear thick and thin is not the same.

  Choose rubber conveyor belt in addition to learn to identify the quality of their own conveyor belt. More important is to choose a reliable conveyor belt manufacturer.


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