What are the properties of tarpaulins

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2020-12-25 13:30

  The tent is mainly composed of two parts. One is the aluminum alloy main frame, and the other is the tarpaulin. Canopies, tarpaulin products can play a role in rain, heat, cold, etc. Therefore, such products are required to have certain performance.

  In the specific product design or use, to consider the following performance indicators of tarpaulins.

  1, breathability: tarpaulin must consider its breathability. Especially military tarp cloth, air permeability factors are the bottom fabric organization, density, materials, waterproof finishing agent type, resin adhesion, etc., with the increase in resin adhesion, the amount of air permeability of the tarp decreases, of course, this is related to the finishing agent used, the general air permeability of the tarp mostly by paraffin or acrylic resin finishing cotton, vinylon, lacquer spandex and other short rape dimension fabric products.

  2, tensile strength: tarp in use are subject to various tensions, such as fixed when taut to be subject to tension, the use of the process to be subject to wind, rain, province and other additional forces, despite these external forces, still require them to maintain the original shape, not easily deformed, which requires a high tensile strength of the tarp, and should not be too much difference in the tensile strength of the warp and weft. Especially as an inflatable building with large canopy tensile strength is extremely important, generally its base cloth using high strength polyester, vinylon and other long fiber fabric, by vinyl chloride resin, chlorosulfonyl polyethylene resin waterproof finishing, the strength of the product is mainly determined by the strength of fiber materials and fabric density.

  3, elongation skin and size stability: as the eave canopy and large canopy, is often used under tension, fabric elongation should not be too large, its size stability is determined by the creep characteristics of the material.

  4, tear strength: tarp breakage is mainly caused by tearing, so the tear strength is an important indicator of the tarp, tear strength is related to whether the tarp will break or for some reason in the formation of holes due to the role of flying foreign objects.


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