Knife scraping cloth is what material how to identify the knife scraping cloth advantages and disadvantages

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2020-11-25 11:44

  What is the material of knife scraping cloth? Many people do not know what is knife scraping cloth, in fact, at first I also know not specific, only from the name to know that it should be a kind of cloth, in fact, it is right to say so. Because it is indeed a kind of cloth, but it is not the kind of cloth that we do clothes in everyday wear in what, but a kind of chemical material synthesized by a relatively high hardness and good ductility of the cloth.

  We should have seen the kind of advertising hanging on the side of the highway, that advertising is spray-painted on the knife scraping cloth, from a distance we think it may not be different from those small banners we usually see. In fact, they are really very different, knife scraping cloth from its name you can see ah, knife scraping are not bad, it is certainly not like that spray painting gently a tear into pieces, knife scraping cloth thickness is relatively large, touch it is very thick, and the color is also very full, its front and back roughness is not the same, the front to delicate soft some, the reverse is very rough.

  Knife scraping cloth also has two categories, it has a high-gloss surface, there is also a matte surface, normally they are not the same range of use. General high-gloss is used indoors, matte in the open air, but its quality is very good, will not be unable to withstand the wind and rain, knife scraping cloth is, after all, synthesized by the chemical composition. So that its ink absorption must be better, the time to spray painting is also much simpler.

  Knife scraping cloth application is very much, but we usually do not seem to pay much attention to, so do not know that kind of thing is knife scraping cloth, if you need any large advertising campaigns in the future, need to spray painting, but do not know which cloth should be selected, this time you can consider some knife scraping cloth.


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