Uses of coated tarpaulins

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2020-10-27 13:49

Coated waterproof fabric mainly refers to the use of special technology to coat the fabric with a layer of material with special functions, thus adding special functions to the fabric. Therefore, it is also known as functional coated fabric. Coated waterproof fabrics are widely used in sportswear, down jackets, rainproof pikes, jackets, tents, footwear, curtains, luggage and advanced waterproof and moisture permeable ski shirts, mountain climbing clothes, windbreakers, etc.

From the perspective of the fashion market: fifty percent of casual clothing made of coated waterproof fabric. The main styles are undershirts and jackets, all available in coated waterproof fabric, thin texture, color tends to be light, light blue, light gray, light purple, etc., at first glance looks like a breeze, fresh and beautiful. One of the advantages of coated clothes is that they are smooth to the touch, rainproof and easy to clean. Since its introduction, it has been loved by young people and has a wide market. The consumer group of coated tarpaulin clothes is mainly young people and high school students. This kind of clothing is cheap and has a variety of styles to meet the consumer needs of young people.

With the increasing demand for waterproof materials, the processing technology of coated tarpaulins is also improving. There are three common processing methods used to handle coated fabrics: calendering method, fusion method and squeegee method. The scraper method represents the more advanced coating fabric processing technology. Its product performance has more obvious advantages in many aspects than products produced by other methods.

In general, the weave of the base fabric, the preparation of the slurry and the control of the production process are important factors in the quality of the coated tarpaulin product. Since the base fabric determines the strength of the product and the coating is produced faster and in wider widths, any defect in the quality of the base fabric will result in a reduction in the quality of the coated tarp product. The formulation of the slurry directly determines most of the product's performance, so it constitutes the key technology of the coated tarpaulin process.


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