Glass fiber fireproof cloth: what is the scope of application of fireproof cloth?

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2020-09-21 16:50

  Fiberglass fireproof cloth Talking about fireproof cloth, the mind always inevitably the shadow of firefighters, they have been in a variety of fire accidents have been bravely moving forward to ensure the safety of the people's personal safety. But in the life of living, we should also actively take the initiative fire safety to prevent economic losses and casualties, and the actual significance of fireproof cloth in fire safety.

  What is the scope of application of plastic coated recommended fireproof cloth?

  When you encounter a fire accident, spark discharge and other injuries, flame retardant fireproof cloth can protect you from a lot of external damage, especially in the work of workers sometimes in close proximity to the open fire to carry out the actual operation, at this moment the flame retardant fireproof cloth looks vital, it can be in the case of injury to maintain the personal safety of workers safety.

  Military tarpaulin In the event of a fire, the internal temperature of the fire scene can be several hundred degrees, and at this moment the gas is scorching, which can pose a serious threat to everyone's respiratory system, and even immediately cause more serious room breathing and burns, and will continue to cause heart rate reduction and car circulation chaos and other problems.

  At this moment, the flame retardant fireproof cloth can give full play to its own advantages to help everyone escape from the scene of the fire. Its excellent insulation and heat preservation actual effect can create a lot of escape opportunities for escape and expand the probability of survival. And flame retardant fabric is a new environmentally friendly material that is slow to ignite, so it is not easy to appear in the ignition of harmful vapors, preventing the body from being absorbed.

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