Glass fiber fireproof cloth: fireproof cloth material selection regulations

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2020-09-16 16:53

  The main products of Feicheng Taishan Plastic Coated Canvas Co., Ltd. are plastic coated tarpaulin, rainproof tarpaulin, fiberglass fireproof fabric, abrasion resistant tarpaulin, Tarpaulin, military tarpaulin, manure removal belt for breeding, knife scraping fabric, sandwich mesh fabric, PVC tarpaulin, soundproof fabric, car tarpaulin, etc. The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with two production lines of PVC plastic coated cloth, one production line of PVC sandwich mesh cloth, one production line of PE tarpaulin, two large tarpaulin processing lines, more than 60 sets of small processing equipment, and total assets of more than 60 million yuan, with complete production equipment and advanced technology.

  Glass fiber fireproof cloth Fireproof cloth is the key commodity of our factory. When producing and manufacturing, we have very strict rules for the selection of raw materials.

  Plastic coated recommended fireproof cloth selection of material regulations:

  1. The raw material itself is a kind of fire safety type goods, the raw material used is the most basic, should have excellent fire retardant characteristics, if the raw material has a low firing point, it is not possible to select that kind of raw material. Anti-inflammatory network

  2. The compactness of the raw material that everyone picks is very good, and there is no stimulation. The raw material feels comfortable and soft, and if we flex it, everyone can feel its firmness and carefulness.

  Its adaptability must be very good, because we do not know in which places to apply flame retardant materials, with which it encapsulates which chemical substances is uncertain, so if it does not have excellent adaptability, it can not be very good to maintain these chemicals. Military tarpaulin

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