The future development of glass fiber fireproof cloth

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2020-09-14 12:03

China's industry has been developing rapidly since the reform, and all industries are in a rapid development stage. Glass fiber industry is also the same, with the progress of society, the development of science and technology, glass fiber products are commonly used in our daily life in various areas, and in so many areas, the main aspects of the application of glass fiber are electronic aspects, transportation and construction aspects of these aspects, these several major applications also represent the future development trend of the glass fiber industry.

Fiberglass fireproof cloth can be used to isolate the cremation produced by welding, also can be used as the decoration of the fire shutter, and can also be used as a fireproof blocking cloth in industry. On the other hand, it can also be used to isolate light and achieve the purpose of partition.

Our country The glass fiber industry started in the early reform and opening-up period, although we started later than other countries, but in these short decades, our country's glass fiber business has been greatly developed, China has become the second largest country consuming glass fiber products, in these decades, the number of imported glass fiber products and exported glass fiber products in our country is in the state of increasing every year, in which glass fiber products The growth rate of glass fiber products is obviously faster than the growth rate of the world glass fiber products. In the 1980s, the total amount of glass fiber products produced in our country was about one twentieth of the world, and after the 1990s, our country's glass fiber industry has advanced by leaps and bounds, and as early as 2003, the annual output of glass fiber products in our country reached one fifth of the world.

In terms of import and export, our country belongs to the kind of country where import and export are equal, and the quantity of both import and export is increasing. This not only shows that our fiberglass products are on track with the world, but also shows that the quality of our products is guaranteed, which is conducive to the sustainable and stable development of our economy.

If you want to invest in the existing glass fiber industry, why not consider glass fiber fireproof cloth. It has a better fireproof performance, and other glass fiber products, glass fiber fireproof cloth is more everyday application. Other glass fiber products are mostly used in electronics, and large transportation industry, which requires investors to have a good investment vision and input costs at the beginning, glass fiber fireproof cloth can even be used in the production of fireproof mats in daily life, with a wide range of applications, low initial investment capital, and a broad application prospects.


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