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2020-09-11 12:02

The glass fiber cloth produced in our country is divided into alkali-free fiber cloth and medium alkali fiber cloth, while there are some differences between foreign and domestic, that is, most of the fiber cloth produced abroad is alkali-free fiber cloth. Glass fiber cloth is very widely used, and can be used for some electrical, transportation tools, storage tanks, etc.. And medium alkali a class is mainly used for corrosion resistance, fiber cloth weave different, woven in different directions, it will make it have different performance, which is the difference between different fiber cloth on the market.

The physical properties of glass fiber cloth is very good, such as more than the general fiber high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, good heat insulation and glass fiber also has a very good anti-acoustic effect. But glass fiber is not all advantages, the disadvantage of glass fiber is brittle, and glass fiber is not wear-resistant, which to a certain extent limits the development of glass fiber. But its advantages are enough to make glass fiber than other fibers have better application prospects. The following are some of the advantages of glass fiber:

The tensile strength of glass fiber is very good, its elasticity coefficient is also much higher than the general fiber, and as a glass fiber, its degree of water absorption is small, from a certain point of view can achieve the waterproof effect. The heat resistance of glass fiber is also excellent, and therefore is used for fire prevention. This has led to the birth of glass fiber fireproof cloth, whose fire resistance characteristics in the glass fiber cloth is more excellent.

There are some glass fiber fireproof cloth performance fire temperature can even reach 800 degrees Celsius, which can be used in some places that need industrial fire protection, but also can be applied to decorative fire, but also can be used as a field fire tent fireproof materials. The main component of glass fiber fireproof cloth is silica, and silica is a completely non-combustible inorganic material, and has excellent adiabatic and adiabatic properties, which makes glass fiber fireproof cloth can also be used for welding work in a hot environment, high-temperature work in the protection, in addition to these, can also be widely used to make some common fireproof home in life, such as curtains, fireproof mats and so on.

When in contact with fiberglass to pay attention to some of the following parts: when there is fiberglass fiber shattered accidentally into the eyes, you should immediately use a lot of water to flush, followed by rushing to the hospital for medical treatment. People engaged in fiberglass production industry should also pay attention to the need to wear protective clothing, as well as wear some supplies to prevent inhalation of glass fiber, etc., but also need to avoid direct contact between the skin and glass fiber.


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