The prospect of glass fiber fireproof cloth

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2020-09-08 12:03

With the rapid development of social economy, in addition to the original material substances, with the wisdom of human beings have created many other raw materials. Glass fiber is one of them, which is widely used in national defense, construction, metallurgy and many other aspects. Due to its wide range of applications, glass fiber is gradually gaining widespread attention. Glass fiber belongs to a new product no matter from which aspect, and its main consumer countries are some developed countries, such as the United States, Japan and other countries. In the world, Europe is the place that consumes the most glass fiber, accounting for thirty-five percent of global glass fiber consumption.

Glass fiber fireproof cloth is one of the products of glass fiber industry, which has excellent performance of glass fiber, but also has very good fireproof ability. It is believed that the future glass fiber fireproof cloth will be widely used in all walks of life.

China's glass fiber industry in recent years with the world's demand as well as domestic demand for its own high-speed development, the reason why the current glass fiber industry can get the effect of a hundred families, the reason is that earlier when the glass fiber market is not prosperous, low profitability, so many large enterprises withdrew from this market, and then with the increase in demand for glass fiber market, many investors saw the potential of the development of this industry, so there is Now the status quo of a hundred companies.

China's glass fiber industry, has been in line with the international market, the production of glass fiber products also to foreign sales, on the other hand, to provide part of the domestic market, China's domestic glass fiber is also part of the foreign imports, in general, China's current glass fiber industry overall production capacity, at present can reach a better balance.

From a more long-term perspective, as Asian industries are also developing at a high speed, many industries in parts of Asia, such as the Middle East, need to update and strengthen their equipment, so the demand for glass fiber has also increased greatly, which is undoubtedly another proof of the great potential of glass fiber. The global demand for glass fiber does not only stop at the common machinery and equipment, but also in sports and aviation applications.

In recent years, glass fiber is also used in wind power generation, from this point of view, this will become another development market for the glass fiber industry. It is because of these mentioned above, making the application of glass fiber fireproof cloth is also more extensive, not as bold as guessing that this is the glass fiber industry's "big oil field", how much potential we do not know. I believe that many people have seen the development of glass fiber fireproof cloth business opportunities, if you are one of them, why not stop watching and join this industry it.


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