What are the benefits of using manure strips for farming in farming sites?

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2020-09-05 12:03

    In more and more people start to pay attention to the quality of products! , there are expensive or cheap products in every industry, and the quality is very important for the manure clearing belt for breeding as caged livestock and poultry manure clearing equipment!

    The manure removal belt for breeding (acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt) is a manure removal equipment for chickens, ducks, rabbits, quails and other stair-fed animals, which can recycle animal manure and make the farm air fresher.

     By clearing animal manure by farming with manure belt, you can dry chicken manure to make pellets, and the reuse rate of chicken manure is high. You can send the chicken manure directly to the excreta cart outside the poultry house, and the chicken manure poultry house is not fermented, making the air at home fresher.

Good quality manure removal belt for farming is usually made of anti-aging materials such as polypropylene PP, which is resistant to sunlight, acid and alkali, and has thick abrasion resistance and extended life.

  The working principle of manure clearing belt for breeding: the divider is installed under each layer of chicken cage, when the machine starts, the motor and reducer move the active rollers of each layer through the chain, which generates friction under the squeeze of the passive and active rollers, so that the divider moves along the length of the black wood Qis group. The chicken manure is passed to one end and scraped by the scraping plate installed at one end to complete the cleaning work.

   Manure cleaning belt for breeding, high working strength, corrosion resistance, impact, easy cleaning, long service life, the system achieves easy operation, tidy breeding area, and provides a good environment for healthy growth of poultry.

   The manure removal belt for breeding includes flushing area, breeding area and manure removal area. There are multiple rows of cages in the breeding area, and excrement is installed under each black wood kaiser. One end is in the flushing area with high-pressure nozzles at the top and a waste water tank at the bottom. The other end of the described excrement was in the scavenging area with a scraper installed above and a manure bucket below. The described scavenger is a polypropylene scavenger. The use of polypropylene manure, strength, corrosion resistance, impact, easy to clean, long service life, and to achieve a clean and tidy operation of the breeding area, but also to provide a good environment for the healthy growth of poultry.

   Automatic conveyor belt cleaner using PP polypropylene manure belt performance characteristics, i.e., cycloid reducer, ensures reasonable output rotation contrast. The motor and reducer are directly small in size and easy to operate. Special thick scraper ensures long life of manure machine. The scraper is made by high precision CNC machine tool molding, no deformation. Special rotating chain is super wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and long life.


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