Introduction to the common manure removal belt for breeding industry

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2020-09-03 12:02

    Automated equipment has been the demand for production progress in all walks of life, standing in the position of environmental protection, automated farming with manure removal belt is also one of the commonly used equipment, manure removal equipment is generally scrapers, manure removal machine! Today I share with you is the chicken farm with manure cleaning machine with supporting equipment - farming with manure cleaning belt.

    The three-layer conveyor belt type manure cleaner is mainly composed of motor reducer equipment, chain drive, main and forced roller, manure bearing belt, etc. It is suitable for H-type caged chicken coop.

     Its working principle is: conveyor belt type manure cleaner is installed under each layer of chicken cage, when the machine starts, motor and reducer work through the automatic manure cleaner in each layer of the chain, and friction is generated under the extrusion of forced manure cleaner and automatic manure cleaner, and the stock manure belt moves along the length of the Blackwood Kaiji group, and the chicken manure is transferred to one end and scraped by the scraping board installed at the end, and then the manure is finished. The first layout parameters: driving power 1 ~ 1.5KW, working belt speed 10 ~ 12M/min, conveyor width can be customized, length 100m.

   There are more types of manure removal belts for breeding, and the three main types of commonly used material belts are PE conveyor belt, PP conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt.

  Pe material scavenging belt for breeding 

  Pe material is the lowest price among these three materials! The advantage is long life! The disadvantage is that there is a certain degree of scalability! Midway will be stretched or deformed, many farmers will choose a new belt! The purchase cost is reasonable, the use cost is a little short!

  Pp material manure removal belt for breeding

  Pe material in these three materials is medium price! According to the amount of raw materials used, the price varies from a few to a dozen, the disadvantage is the high hardness. In order to reduce the hardness, you need to add other materials in order to use, but some manufacturers than the additional ratio is too much, can not have a definite ratio, the service life is also different! The advantage is corrosion resistance, wear resistance, relative to some problems, the service life is longer!

   Pvc material manure removal belt for breeding

   Pvc material has a variety of, this article mainly briefly described there are knife scraping cloth, a variety of colors, black, white, orange, etc., the disadvantage is that the life is not long. A few months to two years, if in use If the machine and the installation of the belt is not in place, especially shrink into a block, can not be used. The advantage is low price, low total cost, easy to use with appropriate equipment!

    The unique performance of manure removal belt for breeding, improved tensile strength, impact resistance, low temperature resistance up to minus 40 degrees. Toughness, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction. Abrasion resistance is one of the major features.


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