What are the characteristics of knife scraping cloth? What is the difference between knife scraping cloth and light box cloth?

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2020-08-22 12:01

     What is knife scraping cloth? Knife scraping cloth is a knife scraping cloth, top and bottom type PVC film as the base, adding multi-fiber stickers between the double-sided PVC sandwich, and then applying certain pressure by rotating the hot rollers to synthesize 3 layers of material and then cooling it. It is also a chemical synthetic material with thicker thickness than the general light cloth. The front side is flexible and smooth, the back side is rough, and the grain type is thicker and uneven. The knife edge has the difference between high gloss and matte, the main applications are different, high gloss is mainly used for indoor, matte surface can be used both indoors and outdoors. As they are both of very good quality, even in bad weather environment, it will not affect its use effect.

     What is light box fabric? Light box fabric is a light box sign fabric composed of double-layer PVC and a layer of strength mesh fabric, also known as Poly fabric, there are two kinds of internal reflective and external light. The main production methods are knife mark coating method, rolling method and adhesive method. It is characterized by thickness and tensile strength.

    First, what is the difference between the two?

    1. Knife scraping cloth is generally used for coating film cover, light box, wallpaper, spacious advertising paintings in public places, etc. The application range of light box fabric is wider.

  2. Knife scraping cloth is durable, inexpensive price, bad texture, can be used with translucent light luminous, but also with built-in light pole luminous.

  Most of the light box cloth has smoke screen, UV, texture, commonly used in indoor. For example, cell phone advertising light box, airport subway large light box, etc.

    Second, the characteristics of knife scraping cloth are as follows:

  1. high saturation, clear and delicate picture, fresh color

  2. High strength, good ductility and flexibility. This unique property makes this material widely used in large area, high-grade, fine commodity market.

  3. Smooth surface and strong ink absorption. According to the chemical nature of the material, it has strong ink absorption, and it can carry out high-strength adhesion under oil-based or water-based ink conditions.

  4. Physical and chemical property stability is mainly anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance.

    Third, what is worth noting in the installation and use of knife scraping cloth?

When using first do a good job of cleaning, the process with tools while scraping flat while uncovering the bottom paper, so repeatedly after the knife scraping cloth paste out after the wrinkle to reduce the chances.

  Well, I have introduced to you through this article the characteristics of the knife scraper, and what is the difference between the light box cloth and the installation and use of the process should be noted, then, now the knife scraping cloth should have a more comprehensive understanding, now you can buy the knife scraping cloth suitable for your needs.


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