Do you really know about knife scraping cloth?

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2020-08-25 12:01

    Knife scraping cloth is a chemical synthetic material, thicker than ordinary light cloth, its front flexible and soft, the back rough, split relatively thick, there are bright and matte, the main application program range is different, bright mainly for indoor, matte can be used indoors and outdoors.

  The chemical nature of knife scraping cloth makes the ink adsorption ability is very strong. Both water-based ink and oil-based ink can be highly absorbed and attached. This method mainly involves mixing raw materials such as liquid plasticizers and PVC powder, which then acts as a high temperature pressure. The surface of the light box cloth made in this way is flat, with good light transmission, and the advantages of using internal lighting are obvious.

  Knife scraping cloth is a senior spray cloth, much thicker than ordinary spray cloth, brighter and more durable than the traditional cloth color, not easy to fade, thick material, from the cloth sprayed out of the screen texture high, delicate.

  Knife scraping cloth features:

  (1)High strength

  (2) excellent product stability and surface self-cleaning;

  (3) aging resistance, good cold resistance products are widely used in large outdoor advertising systems, a wide range of digital spraying and construction, covers, expansion materials, etc.

  Types of knife scrapers:

  In the ultraviolet light to play Hu knife scraper cloth.

  UV one-way knife scraper

  UV clip black double-sided spraying

  UV clip dummy words, black sole will scrape cloth.

  Knife scraper range of application:

  Karl shaving knife most of the wooden frame, Labo and other light box applications, suitable for cell phone stores, brand clothing stores, 4S car stores, jewelry stores and other domestic and international advertising signs, a variety of medium and high-end shopping malls, real estate, subway stations, airports and other high-end places.

  Among them, the inner light gun is also known as no network degree scraper, good light transmission, commonly used in light boxes, subway stations, bus platforms, shopping centers, gingko and many other places, knife scraping outer light cloth is commonly used in large outdoor advertising, highway single column gun, airport, both of which have high color saturation.

So, what is the difference between knife scraping cloth and spray-painted cloth?

  In fact, knife scraping cloth is also a kind of spray cloth, although knife scraping cloth belongs to the spray cloth, but in terms of price, spray cloth is much cheaper than knife scraping cloth. Why? General airbrush is much thinner than knife scraping cloth, so the color saturation of things made with knife scraping cloth is higher, and the color on the screen is brighter and more delicate, suitable for senior lanterns. But because of the price, the price of the knife scratch cloth than the performance can not be compared with the general spray cloth, general spray cloth is not practical. Knife scraping cloth transmission ratio is good, the surface is delicate, acid and alkali resistance; and spray-painted cloth poor tensile performance, poor flexibility.


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