I'll tell you what you need to know about fully automatic manure removal belts for breeding

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2020-09-01 12:03

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the scale of China's farming industry, chicken farms have been expanding. The traditional scraping board or manure removal tray can no longer meet the requirements of many farmers! First of all, labor is a big expense, scraping manure cost is low, but not environmentally friendly, and now environmental protection is getting stricter and stricter.  

    Especially in large-scale farms, the problem of manure removal in general has become a headache for many manufacturers. Manual manure not only increases the cost, but also becomes a management difficulty because of the bad labor environment, high intensity and high wages of workers. Therefore, if the cost is low, the effect is good, and the service life is long, it is more appropriate to choose the manure removal belt for breeding!

The fully automatic manure belt is a fully automatic device for manure removal from chicken houses in cage culture.

    The fully automatic manure belt does not require a lot of staff. You only need to set the manure removal time and it will automatically remove the manure, which is convenient for farmers. Chicken manure falls on the manure puller, which does not pollute the internal environment of the chicken farm and reduces the occurrence of diseases in the chicken farm.

  Overview of automatic manure removal belt for breeding:

  The machine adopts traction type power transmission structure, driven by the motor to drive the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt acts on the host, movement, belt operation will result in chicken manure transmission to the outdoor, simple structure, easy to install, easy to operate.

   Installation precautions:

   1. Chicken farms must be hardened, the ground is flat, no raised parts, slope control shall not exceed 2 degrees deviation up and down. The manure should be 5 - 10 degrees lower on the other side so that the water can be discharged well.

    2. The frame will be laid flat, adjust the cup to Watanabe Apricot two black wood Kaiji between the height deviation of 0.5 mm, more than 0.5 mm between the foot and the foot.

    3. host fixed firmly, the head, tail frame, the floor should be fixed firmly, there should be no loose phenomenon.

    4. Install the urine dividing table or scraper to ensure that the groove between the urine dividing table and the defecation board is correct.

    5. Professional electrician install the wiring and control line, find the position of the trip switch and fix it firmly.

    6. The controller must include an electric leakage protection device.

    7. Commissioning by experts in the control panel point east way, need more than one person to cooperate, the equipment has scratches, fixed, deflection and other phenomena. Find out the reason and solve the problem in time, if found. Open the system for confirmation.

    8. Smooth operation, manure evenly, not too much noise (less than 40 decibels). No great shaking is qualified.

    After the introduction of the editor, I believe that we have a comprehensive understanding of the manure removal belt for breeding!


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