How should PVC environmental protection laminated fabric be maintained on a daily basis?

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2020-08-30 12:31

     PVC is the main component of polyvinyl chloride, which has the advantages of good insulation performance, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, relatively mature process manufacturing, relatively low price and high temperature resistance.

     The material of sandwich mesh is also various, PVC sandwich mesh is one of them. p Both are different again. pvc sandwich mesh has 3 layers, two layers of plastic and one layer of cloth in the middle. pvc laminated cloth is usually two layers: one layer of plastic and one layer of cloth.


     sandwich mesh cloth is a textile mesh cloth-based materials, the product on both sides of the composite layer or multiple layers of different physical properties of the material, the traditional sandwich mesh cloth generally choose PVC bonded on both sides of the substrate structure, on the one hand, considering the low cost of polyvinyl chloride, welding and easy to bond characteristics, it has a light mass, heat insulation, insulation, moisture, flame retardant characteristics. TPU materials than PVC materials cost more, TPU products in material performance has higher weight-bearing, impact resistance and shock absorption performance, especially the abrasion resistance is much better than PVC material.

    So, how else to maintain the PVC environmental protection sandwich mesh in the process of use?

    1. After cleaning, shaking in a well-ventilated cool place, natural drying, in the hot sun in the sun or high temperature areas baking, can not improve the speed of decoupling, decoupling, aging.

   2. Must keep the clip net cloth away from acid rain and other chemical substances to prevent corrosive degumming and deformation.

   3. Keep away from sharp things during use so as to avoid scratching and waste of resources.

   4. When cleaning it should be gently and forcefully rinsed to avoid producing short lines.

   5. The color is white when you should avoid contact with dark-colored difficult to clean items. Prevent discoloration or staining.

  6. When the net clip cloth is found to have a broken thread, fall out of the situation, and repair, can extend the life.

  7. To be cleaned in time to prevent mold, odor, experts warned that the cleaning can not be washed in the washing machine, easy to cause decoloration and wrinkling.

   At present, we are in contact with the general care of PVC environmental protection sandwich mesh is 7 kinds, I have introduced for you one by one, I hope it will be helpful to you. In addition, it has a wide range of uses, can be used for: sunshade decoration, display cover; membrane construction and temporary building tower cover; a variety of car covers, software carriages and storage covers; crates commonly used in automotive parts and dolly cover bladder and rain and dust protection, etc. Finally borrowed from the current buzzword: although easy to buy, maintenance is not easy, and use and cherish it!


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