What is PVC mesh and how many years can PVC mesh last?

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2020-08-29 12:32

     As everyone's standard of living evolves, more and more new things are coming out. New terms that we don't understand are popping up all the time. The seemingly simple but incomprehensible term "laminated fabric" is now confusing to many people. So what exactly is mesh? The most important thing is that it is not just a cloth, but a composite cloth that is glued (film) to the front and back of the mesh cloth after refrigerant, heat posting, scratching, etc. Simply put, the upper and lower layers of glue (film) are sandwiched between the center of the mesh cloth. This laminated cloth is called sandwich mesh, and if one side is glue (film), it will not say sandwich mesh.

    The availability of mesh is very wide. Take PVC sandwich mesh fabric as an example, it can be divided into two types, general type and environmental type, according to different functions. The general type has no environmental needs and can be used in various categories such as astronaut suits, bags, caravans, inflatable products, parasols, traffic warnings, special clothing, etc. Environmental protection can almost accommodate the utility of the general type. However, the price of environmentally friendly type is a little higher.

    After the above explanation, we have a rough understanding of what is sandwich mesh, so the question arises, what kind of cloth is PVC sandwich mesh? How many years can it be used?

    PVC mesh cloth is a combination of transparent PVC film and mesh cloth, through the PVC film can clearly see the middle mesh cloth, strong three-dimensional sense of touch, mild, environmental protection, low toxicity of new products, all new materials made, can be used in the field for 3-5 years all year round!

    PVC is a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride. A widely used plastic, used in large quantities for both industrial and residential purposes. Ductility or hardness can be indicated by other additives. General non-food packaging envelopes, wire insulation, supplies such as washbasins, sewers and other non-compressed pipes, are made of it, the advantages are inexpensive price, corrosion resistance, easy processing, the disadvantage is that the use of temperature must be less than 60 degrees, burning will release toxic gases.

    How is PVC laminated fabric made? It is made in two ways, without glue and with glue. pvc usually refers to polyvinyl chloride and its derivatives. The special treatment is to use basic cloth dipped in glue to match the shape of the glue polyvinyl chloride. Without the use of adhesive, a mesh is added between two layers of PVC calendered film, heated and pressurized for synthesis.

  PVC sandwich mesh performance:

  1.Excellent weather aging resistance to extend the life.

    2. Improve chemical corrosion.

    3. Sun protection, anti-oxidation properties.

    4. Flame retardant, fire safe;

    5. Excellent tensile, prevent tearing, prevent peeling and other characteristics.


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