What kind of fabric is sandwich mesh and does it have any characteristics?

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2020-08-28 12:32

    What kind of fabric is laminated mesh? What are its components? How many types are there? Do you know all these questions about mesh fabric?

The sandwich mesh fabric is actually one of PVC fabrics, transparent PVC film and mesh film fused products, through the PVC film can clearly see through the center of the grid mesh, strong three-dimensional sense, touch, softness, appropriate, environmental protection and low toxicity of the product, can use the new material, the whole year in the outdoor use 3 ~ 5 years.

   The laminated mesh fabric can be divided into general type and green type according to its performance. General type means there is no environmental protection requirement for the fabric, and it can be used to make various kinds of Yu clothes, caravans, bags, sunshades, toys, etc. It can also be used to make traffic warning section yien, special clothing, etc. Relatively inexpensive, corrosion resistant and easy to process, however, the price of green type is relatively higher.

     There are many types of sandwich mesh, generally PVC sandwich mesh, EVA sandwich mesh, rubber sandwich mesh, TPU sandwich mesh and so on. The common one in life is PVC clip mesh, and there are many reasons related to its material (PVC). Among them, TPU sandwich mesh is more expensive compared to other types and is mainly used in medical and food packaging, etc. As for rubber sandwich mesh, it is mostly used in aging resistance and corrosion resistance, etc.

   PVC is the main component of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has the advantages of good insulation performance, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, relatively mature process manufacturing, relatively low price, high temperature resistance, etc.

   The material of the mesh cloth in the middle of the sandwich fabric is also various, according to the material there are two kinds of polyester and nylon. According to the strength, it can be divided into ordinary yarn and high strength yarn. The weaving methods of the fabrics concerned are combing, semi-combing, general combing, warp knitting and weft knitting.

  In addition, the merchants choose different yarn densities to meet the different needs of different users, and weave different nets and different flower-like nets according to the classification of nets to produce nets with different specifications, thickness, color and strength.

  Features and applications of intermesh fabric:

  1. flame retardant, non-combustible, fire safe;

  2. Strengthen the ability to resist chemical corrosion and not easy to corrode.

  3. Excellent tensile, tear prevention and peel prevention properties.

  4. Excellent sun protection and anti-oxidation ability.

  5. Excellent weather aging resistance, which can greatly extend the service life.

    The above content is about what kind of fabric is sandwich mesh what are the characteristics of the introduction, at present, the sandwich mesh is more and more people know and use, I believe that in the near future it will have greater development space.


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