What is the difference between mesh fabric and knife scraping spray drawing fabric?

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2020-08-27 12:32

     I believe we should all have seen the kind of advertisement hanging on the side of the highway, that is spray-painted on a knife scraping cloth. From a distance, it seems different from the small banners we often see, but in fact they are really quite different. We can know from the knife scraping cloth it's name. Knife scraping is also not bad, that gently torn, it will not break, it is certainly not like that airbrush gently torn into pieces. Knife scraping cloth is thicker, slightly thicker to the touch, and the color is also very full, it is different from the roughness of the front and back. The front side should be delicate and soft, and the back side should be rough.

   Changsha with the development of outdoor advertising industry, bright colors, sharp images, price discounts and other features are very popular among consumers. With the improvement of the level of spray production, spray materials are also increasing, the market is common is the grid cloth, knife scraping cloth, spray painting cloth each material has different characteristics, so I share with you the difference between the grid cloth and knife scraping cloth spray painting cloth

   Airbrush: commonly used spraying materials, low price, price performance, practical

   Mesh cloth: and single-transparent almost, using the optical principle. If the cloth is filled with cloth, and then the screen is printed in the cloth, it can be seen on the shallow side. In the light side can see the screen, in the dark side can see the view behind the cloth through a small hole, applicable places are generally the exterior of the transparent glass shopping malls, so that people outside the mall can only see the picture on the outside wall of the mall, in the interior of the mall can see the view outside through the glass and grid cloth.

    Grid cloth pass is based on medium alkali or alkali-free glass fiber woven fabric, using alkali-resistant coating treatment. This product is strong, alkaline and plays an important structural role in the insulation system, mainly preventing cracks. The insulation layer has high impact resistance, easy construction and quality control, and plays the role of "soft steel" in the insulation system.

 Knife scraping cloth: senior spray cloth, much thicker than ordinary spray cloth, higher saturation, screen color is clearer, screen delicate, is the highest price of the senior light box one.

  Knife scraping cloth is a thicker chemical synthetic material than ordinary spray cloth. In addition, the knife cloth is flexible and smooth on the front, rough on the back, thick and uneven in granularity. Knife scraping cloth has the difference between high-gloss and matte bar, which is mainly applied to different scopes. High-gloss is mainly used indoors, and matte cotton can be used both indoors and outdoors.

   The above content is the difference between grid cloth and knife scraping cloth spray drawing cloth that I share with you.


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